Environmental stakeholders chart national waste management strategy

    Environmental stakeholders met in Dar es Salaam to chart the national waste management strategy that will be a road map toward clean, safe and toxic free Tanzania. Project coordinator from the University of Dar es Salaam, Professor Jamidu Katima said the involvement of stakeholders in the process was crucial. The project was developed as part of the UN Environment  sub-programme on Chemicals and waste.

    Techno-economic assessment and life cycle assessment guidelines for CO2 utilisation

    CO2 utilisation technologies, also known as carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) or CO2 re-use, capture CO2 and convert it into new products or services. CCU is gaining momentum as academia, industry and governments seek solutions to reduce emissions and create new business opportunities. EIT Climate-KIC and other bodies (e.g. The Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) of the European Commission) and practitioners have recognised the need for a set of common assessment guidelines for CCU assessment.

    IS NZ Summit - 15th & 16th May

    Don’t miss out on the IS New Zealand Summit #ConnectNZ in May 2019. Day 1 (15th May) will focus on IS Ratings with learnings from projects and a site tour of City Rail Link. The theme for day 2 (16th May is Climate, Culture and Community and will highlight current industry trends and driving forces. Find out more here.

    LCA Studies show Compostable Products may not be as Green as You Think

    Recent studies highlight that compostable products may not be the best answer for the environment. The composting process requires oxygen and, for the most part, landfills are sealed, airtight — and therefore oxygen-free — containers within the ground. "Since landfill conditions are generally anaerobic [i.e., without oxygen], these materials do not 'compost'; instead they either persist or break down anaerobically," Peter Canepa, a life cycle assessment specialist with the Department of Environmental Quality in Oregon

    Life cycle approaches to be a focus area at UNEA4

    Since it was created in the Rio+20 conference back in 2012, the UN Environment Assembly is the world’s highest-level decision-making body on the environment. With a universal membership, UNEA is now composed of 193 Member States.

    FSLCI Publishes Circular Economy Vision Workshop Report

    The FSLCI identified the need for a clear and internationally accepted definition of what constitutes a Circular Economy approach and this is what this report attempts to do. Drafted by the FSLCI the report has been reviewed and revised by a number of stakeholders. It is meant to be a starting point for an open discussion on the subject and feedback is welcomed.


    SSCI Public Consultation Opportunity

    The Consumer Goods Forum  is launching the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative:SSCI in order to promote good social and environmental practices in global supply chains by benchmarking and recognising third-party audit programmes and certification schemes. In order to show their commitment to providing transparency, they are inviting all stakeholders and interested parties to participate in the public consultation of the SSCI Benchmarking Criteria for social compliance schemes ahead of their official launch later this year.

    Entries for The Circulars 2019 – Open!

    The Circulars is the world’s premier circular economy award program that is created as an initiative of the World Economic Forum and the Forum of Young Economic Leaders, in collaboration with the Accenture Strategy. It has started accepting applications as of 1st of August and will be receiving until the 30th of September 2018. Application is free of charge. The finalists will be determined at the end of 2018 and the awards will be hosted in the World E

    Can European pigs thrive on local feedstuffs like rapeseed meal and DDGS?

    Efficient use of local resources may improve the productivity, resilience and competitiveness of European pig production, says Wendy Rauw, research scientist, INIA in Spain.