The business case for sustainability-focused banking

    The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), a not-for-profit organisation representing a network of the world’s leading values-based banks, released an updated research report reinforcing the business case for the growing values-based banking movement. The data is clear: making the business case for sustainability-focused banking is compelling. So why aren’t all banks adopting this model? Download the report.

    Is China's new agro-investment an opportunity for sustainability?

    A major opportunity exists in China’s recently announced massive farm investment: it could shift the country’s agricultural systems toward more sustainable agricultural development. Read more.

    Opening for doctoral student at Ghent University

    The Research Group ENVOC at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University, is seeking a full-time (100%) Doctoral student.  

    Opening for doctoral studies in Aarhus University, Denmark

    A new PhD position is now open in Aarhus University, Denmark, for valuing ecosystem services and services to ecosystems from seaweed harvest and cultivation – ValueSea

    WBSCD Launches the Practitioners Guide to Circular Economy

    The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD's) recently published CEO Guide to the Circular Economy is an excellent introduction for CEOs and high-level leaders. But now, a more detailed guidance is needed for technical experts who can help encourage systemic change in specific areas of the company – whether in design, manufacturing, finance or elsewhere.

    FSLCI launches Circular Economy Workshop Report

    FSLCI recently launched its circular economy workshop report which summarizes the discussions and conclusions from the workshop "Circular Economy, Resource Efficiency, Life Cycle Innovation: Same objectives, same impacts?", which was organized at the beginning of this year in Berlin, Germany.

    The industry-focused workshop brought together representatives from various companies such as BASF, Evonik, Henkel, and Steelcase to discuss, to what extent the Circular Economy vision is compatible with existing life cycle and resource efficiency based approaches.

    Special Journal Issue on ‘Exploring the Circular Economy’

    The Journal of Industrial Ecology recently published a Special Issue on Exploring the Circular Economy. This special examines environmental, resource, engineering, managerial, design, and policy dimensions of the circular economy.

    Read more at:

    Clothing Brands commit to 100% sustainable cotton by 2025

    Asos, Kering, Levi Strauss & Co. and Nike are among 13 clothing and textile brands who have committed to using 100% sustainable cotton by 2025. The Sustainable Cotton Communique was signed at a high-level meeting attended by HRH The Prince of Wales and attended by the Prince's International Sustainability Unit (ISU) in collaboration with Marks & Spencer and The Soil Association.

    Carlsberg targets zero-emission breweries under industry-leading sustainability strategy

    Carlsberg has launched a new "industry-leading" sustainability strategy that aims to push beyond the company's own group strategy and exceed science-based recommendations by eliminating carbon emissions and halving water usage at breweries by 2030.

    The Together Towards Zero strategy, launched on 13 June, realigns Carlsberg's sustainability efforts to the timeframes and goals of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. It sets intermediate targets, such as using 100% renewable electricity at all breweries, for 2022.