LCI’s Organizational LCA Road Testing Publication launched

    The report ‘Road testing organizational life cycle assessment around the world: Applications, experiences and lessons learned’ was recently published by the Life Cycle Initiative (LCI).

    CIRP Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) conference to return to Copenhagen (Denmark) in 2018

    In 2018, the CIRP Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) conference will return to Copenhagen (Denmark), 25 years after the LCE conference series was initiated by Professor Leo Alting and hosted by the Technical University of Denmark in 1993.

    Join the Medellin Declaration on Marine Litter in Life Cycle Assessment and Management

    The Medellin Declaration on Marine Litter in Life Cycle Assessment and Mnagement was facilitated by the Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle innovation (FSLCI) in close cooperation with La Red Iberoamericana de Cicolo de Vida (RICV on Wednesday, 14 June 2017.

    LCA used to Determine End of Life Solution for New Polymer Ten-Pound notes

    The new British ten pound notes came into circulation on September 14, 2017 – The Bank of England decided to move to polymer notes because they are cleaner, safer and stronger than paper notes. An LCA study was conducted to determine the most suitable end of life solution for the new polymer notes, and recycling them turned out to be the most favourable option according to the study. 

    The Digital Farm and the Impact of Green Eggs

    Scientists have been tracking the environmental footprint of Canadian egg products and looking at the optimal models of farming to reduce environmental impacts.

    EPDs, LCAs and the Circular Economy – Interlinked Tools for a Closed Loop Economy

    An excellent example of how EPDs, LCA and the Circular Economy link together. ASSA ABLOY Group describe Life Cycle Assessment as their central tool to reach a point where they have functioning closed loops, with minimal waste.

    Is your business aligned to future markets? Use LCA to find out.

    The World Resources Institute identifies ever-increasing consumption as the elephant in the boardroom. They suggest three steps to evaluate your business' risks and discover opportunities:

    World Steel Association (worldsteel) releases its 2017 global and regional steel Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data.

    The World Steel Association (worldsteel) has released its 2017 global and regional steel life cycle inventory (LCI) data. The datasets provide the most accurate and comprehensive data on the environmental profile of 16 key products. In Australia and New Zealand data for steel is available in the EPDs from BlueScope Steel and OneSteel. 

    More information at:

    Jonas Bengtsson -  New ALCAS President

    Jonas Bengtsson, CEO of Edge Environment, was elected as the new President of ALCAS at the July AGM, taking over from Tim Grant who has shepherded ALCAS for the last two years.

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    LCA compares three production methods of butanol

    An LCA recently published in the journal Fuel compares three production methods of butanol.

    1. Oxo synthesis
    2. ABE fermentation using corn
    3. ABE fermentation using wheat

    The ABE fermentation using corn as substrate presents the highest environmental impact and the ABE fermentation using wheat straw is the one that presents the lowest environmental impact, when the allocation method was based on mass.