Medoola to aid better decisions with packaging LCA

    UK packaging specialist Medoola has launched its Packaging Life Cycle Assessment (PLCA) service, which will provide insights into how a brand’s packaging can enhance its environmental footprint from raw material to end of life. Medoola is now offering Packaging Life Cycle Assessment (PLCA) to its UK clients on a project by project basis.

    The company has reached an agreement with sustainability experts, Empauer to use the innovative software, Ecodex, exclusively on client projects in the UK.

    Ecodex enables an in-depth 360-degree analysis of a product, including the packaging throughout its entire lifecycle. It provides valuable information on key environmental impacts such as greenhouse gases, water use and energy use. The output data allows businesses to both justify packaging initiatives and to focus on the areas they want to improve in regards to environmental impact.

    Medoola founder Neil Shackleton said: “Packaging, in general, continues to receive strong media scrutiny, and as consumer reaction ensues, mainstream brands and producers are making seemingly knee-jerk decisions that address this growing issue, but without tangible ‘why’s and how’s’. We want to give our clients headline generating targets that can be realistically achieved and that consumers will respect.