Updates on two REAL pilot projects from the Asia Pacific

    Two pilot projects are making great progress under the project REAL, funded by the European Commission.

    a) Mobile App for reducing food waste

    Lookie Waste, the mobile-based application focuses on food consumption to monitor food waste and food packaging waste generated at the consumer level in daily life. It assesses the impact of food and packaging waste by calculating CO2eq emissions over its life cycle, from resource extraction to disposal, and proposes appropriate alternatives for the management of food waste.

    b) Application of life cycle thinking approach for enhancing the fruits and vegetables supply chain: A pilot study from Nagaland, India

    The study based in the district of Dimapur in Nagaland, India is using life-cycle based information tools and methodologies to identify hotspots where interventions can be made for improving sustainability along the fruits and vegetables supply chain.

    For more information, click here: https://www.lifecycleinitiative.org/updates-on-two-real-pilot-projects-from-the-asia-pacific/